D115 Hot style Lashes

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Natural 3D lashes are suitable for daily use, hot  style Lashes!

Length:8-15 MM
Handmade:100% Handmade Mink Eyelashes
Band: Handcrafted cotton band
Uses / Reusable / lifetime: Up to 10-25 times with proper care

Shippping: FREE shipping over $30,No glue with the eyelashes.

Natural 3D lashes are suitable for daily use, hot  style Lashes!

Length:8-15 MM
Handmade:100% Handmade Mink Eyelashes
Band: Handcrafted cotton band
Uses / Reusable / lifetime: Up to 10-25 times with proper care

Shippping: FREE shipping over $30,No glue with the eyelashes.

2 reviews for D115 Hot style Lashes

  1. flava

    I just received my lashes today and I will say in person they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I won’t be wearing them until them end of the month. At that time I will come back to give a full review

  2. Anonymous

    If your thinking about getting these amazing lashes GO FOR IT. There so luxurious and you can wear them over and over again!
    The price is amazing

  3. Ranie

    They are amazing and so soft!
    Definitely one of my all time favorite and go to lashes.

  4. Berenice

    Absolutely love these lashes! I use them for my clients! Especially brides and for my prom beauties! Definitely recommend them!

  5. Winnie

    These are my favorite lashes

  6. Amantedelmaquillaje (verified owner)

    Definitive is my favorite for glam looks

  7. Anonymous

    Most people think I have extensions when I wear dodo lashes. Can’t live without them! Helps look amazing on a budget

  8. Harneet (verified owner)

    These are by far my favourite lashes i’ve purchased. They’re super wispy and long and perfect for flirty eyes! In love and will aboslutely order more pairs!

  9. Sonia (verified owner)

    Amazing! Received them fast and they look like extensions but for 5$. The quality is very good too. In loveee

  10. Perla

    I’m absolutely in love with these lashes. The diffently look like extensions for a reasonable price. They have so many styles to choose from. Eye lash heaven ♥️

  11. BeautiiByJeni (Jennifer) (verified owner)

    Absolutely love all of these lashes! So affordable and look so amazing!!!! <3 I recommend them to everyone!

  12. wishingon_me (verified owner)

    I’m so happy and just love these lashes! They give me life!

  13. lavonnguyen (verified owner)

    These are by far my favorite ! They’re so wispy and pretty for an affordable price.

  14. wenger.rebecca

    These lashes are so beautiful and lenghty! Perfect for any look!

  15. thekatelynbrooke

    they are so comfortable and so pretty, these are a must have in a lash collection or a every day lash!!!

  16. Nermean (verified owner)

    My go to lashes! Stocking up on these babies

  17. graciela.solano1998

    I wore these for a dance performance and got so many compliments. The lash band is so thin and that’s what makes them easier to apply. I love them so much, they’ve become my go to lashes for any look. I’m OBSESSED with them, they’re super flirty and comfortable and add a totally different and more dramatic effect to your look.

  18. vtle_ (verified owner)

    inlove with these lashes, super comfortable! i’m always getting compliments from customers at work.

  19. maleandmakeup (verified owner)

    Best lashes ever! Such a great price and fast shipping. Will be buying again for sure!

  20. rockyryderx (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first, not having heard of the brand, but the four pairs that came in the mail today (ordered less than 2 weeks ago) are absolutely gorgeous. They’re exactly as pictured/described, and they’re super soft. I absolutely adore them, Dodo Lashes is definitely my new go to for falsies.

  21. lewishannah032

    beautiful mink lashes that top off an eyeshadow look, dramatic but natural ! 10/10 recommend

  22. charlotte.ison10 (verified owner)

    Received these lashes today and so so so happy with them! The shipping to Australia was super quick and the quality of the lashes are amazing. They honestly feel like silk and have a small lash band. Deffinetly will be ordering again x

  23. laurenxedwards

    Love the lashes! Go perfect with day to day use or nights out! Would totally recommend to anyone. Will be buying a lot more x

  24. liztzompantzi22 (verified owner)

    These are literally my favorite lashes, they’re so pretty and super flirty! I wear them almost daily during the day or for a night out. They might look a little too much for professional or business situations, but if you want all eyes on you then go for it! Highly recommend

  25. savroswil

    These were my absolute favorite lashes until my dog ate them

  26. jaimenordstrom

    Beautiful lashes

  27. shelbistivers

    My go to every day lashes! these are so soft, they and the easiest lashes to work with! . i was sent d115 and i fell in love, i purchased so many more.

  28. Rachael (verified owner)

    Got my lashes yesterday and I love them will order more soon ….

  29. Ugo (verified owner)

    I get so many compliments on these lashes – they are my go-to. Back to stock up and buy some for friends. You won’t regret getting these!

  30. alesasia.c

    These lashes are the most comfortable lashes I ever used. These type you can wear everyday for any occasion. My favorite eyelashes so far.

  31. Tasia (verified owner)

    These lashes are super comfortable and can be worn with an everyday look, or a dramatic look. They just pull any look together. These are my favorite lashes and the best I’ve tried. Super affordable as well!!

  32. Jade (verified owner)

    My favourite lashes of all time!

  33. samrithyy (verified owner)

    One of my favourite eyelashes. They last forever. I have worn mine roughly about 12 times. Very glam.

  34. nmala03

    I got mine from the affiliate program. These lashes are really pretty and natural looking. The band is very comfortable. I used this one when I want more volume than the wispies i get from the drugstore

  35. dollfaceofarmy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these lashes. I recieved them and i immediately coudnt wait to create a look for them. I went with a natural look, no eyeshadow so they could be the main event. So lightweight and flexible. Ive already recommened 2 ppl these lashes and ill be back for more.

  36. kkrf

    Great pair of lashes for a affordable price,the lash is comfortable,lash band is thin so it’s easier to apply, definitely would recommend 10/10!

  37. Alannah (verified owner)

    Love these lashes, worth the price and can wear them over again if you want to

  38. tiamarra03 (verified owner)

    i love em

  39. Arianna (verified owner)

    in loveeeeeee!!!! best lashes so far

  40. samrithyy (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite eyelashes. Never a false eyelash gal till I tried these ones.

  41. blessmeamen (verified owner)

    I tried one of the most reviewed lashes on this site and that was D115. No regrets at all. For sure I will order more variety and longer lashes. D115 gives you that bold classy look. I used it for a gov. photo and it came thru! I looked stunning. Definitely recommend. Thick band to work with so you must be ready to apply gymnastics, lol. It cooperates with patience. Great product. Recommendable if you want a step of boldness while still remaining basic.

  42. Sharan (verified owner)

    The Best Lashes ever by far! I love it!

  43. veronica_fjellanger (verified owner)

    These lashes are great! They weren’t quite my taste, but the quality is still amazing!

  44. daniela_arenas

    LOVE LOVE !!

  45. itisdonelight

    The best lashes everrrr!!!! Just an overall incredible brand. 10/10

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