About Us

DODOLASHES – Your Favorite Lashes, You Are Shine Star!

Our brand philosophy is to hope you become the Shine star in the crowd.

WE are USA brand!

In 2012, we founded beauty studio and started to provide beauty products and services.
In 2014, we created the brand – DODOLASHES  aiming at making more women have perfect make-up looks with good products of good price.
In 2015, we worked hard.
In 2016, we worked harder.
In 2017, we worked harder and harder.
In 2018, we had Korea warehouse.
In 2019, we had Uk warehouse.
In 2020, we had USA warehouse.
In 2021, 2021, 2022……. We are always working harder than before.
We will continue providing you with the best products and services. I love you.          DODOLASHES CEO -Lucy

Why Choose Us 
1. Many kinds of free trials let everyone who loves eyelashes find the most suitable design.
2. The most popular products at an affordable price could arrive at your home quickly from worldwide warehouses (USA,UK…).
3. Dodolashes offers free trials and VIP program. If you are the one who are eyelashes addict and love sharing with others what you love, please join us and don’t miss DODOLASHES which builds a good reputation among millions of people for excellent service and high quality.
4. 10 years of best after-sale services make customer satisfied. Customer’s satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

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